Twenty-five years ago I was introduced to the shaker style woodwork.  After some research and many years of perfecting the craft, shaker-style boxes have become the main focus of my woodwork. I have really enjoyed taking this style of work and turning it into functional pieces that many families could use today.

Over the years, my family and I have visited a couple Shaker villages. We’ve enjoyed learning about the overall history of the Shakers and also the origination and use of the original shaker boxes. The boxes were originally created as a functional storage piece to be used in places such as the pantry. I’ve enjoyed taking this basic idea and transforming it into functional pieces for use today.

As you can see below, my pieces range in sizes and styles. I’ve worked with a variety of woods over the past 25 years, but have been focusing more on a limited number of wood from locally salvaged trees. The availability of pieces is also determined by the size of piece I get and how the wood itself bends.