I’ve had multiple requests for wooden utensils over the years and have just recently taken on this project. I was approached by JA The librarian at the Centre County Grange Fair about making spurtles. She seemed so excited about these “spurtles” that I decided to look into it. This has since turned into another interesting project for me. I’ve created multiple versions of the spurtle, stirring paddles, spatulas, folding tongs and bottle openers.

My main focus for utensils is the Spurtle, which is an American version of a popular Scottish tool used for stirring porridge. It can be used for stirring anything. It’s perfect for reaching into the sides of pans and even scrapping out batter. These are also available for left-handed use.

Utensils can be purchased at The Gallery Shop and Penns Creek Pottery

Gallery Shop
824 Pike St.
Lemont, PA 16851
The Gallery Shop

Penns Creek Pottery
30 Pottery Lane
Mifflinburg, PA 17844
Just South of Mifflinburg on Route 104
Penns Creek Pottery

The Arts Fest
July 10-14, 2019
University Park, PA
The Arts Fest

The Grange Fair
August 16-24, 2019
Center Hall, PA
The Grange Fair

I will also have select pieces available at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts and The Centre County Grange Fair.

The utensils at the Arts Festival will be made out of  The Elms from University Park Campus.

The utensils at The Grange Fair will be made out of the trees from the Fairgrounds.