Sugar Maple – Cherry Tree Row, near the playground

Sugar Maple – Cherry Tree row, r the playgrounds This Sugar Maple grew right outside the playground fences. This tree was removed in 2018 due to verticillium wilt. Products from this tree were made and available at the 2019 Grange Fair.

Red Oak – South 4

This Red Oak was removed in 2018 due to disease. This Red Oak tree shaded the South 4 tent row for nearly 100 years.

The planting of new trees

Why are the trees coming down and What’s being done about it? Each year an arborist inspects the trees around the fairgrounds. The trees are inspected for any signs of damage such as: insect damage, disease and weather damage. The arborist also identifies any...

NEW TREES for 2019!

Check back soon to see which trees have been salvaged and used for this years Grange Fair...

Sugar Maple – Hoffer Ave.

The Sugar Maple Trees along Hoffer Avenue was effected by verticillium wilt. This tree stood along the fence row that lines the...