Why are the trees coming down and What’s being done about it?

Each year an arborist inspects the trees around the fairgrounds. The trees are inspected for any signs of damage such as: insect damage, disease and weather damage. The arborist also identifies any structural issues or problems in the soil. The inspection then determines what trees need to be taken down for safety reasons. 

One of the common reasons that trees are being removed on the fairgrounds is due to a disease known as verticillum wilt. This is commonly referred to as “maple wilt” because maple trees are extremely susceptible to it. As you walk around the fairground, look up at the trees. You’ll notice ones with a bare branch or two. These trees have been exposed to the fungal disease and will likely continue to die. The reason you’ll notice just one or two branches being impacted is because the fungus effects the trees one branch at a time. The fungus is in the soil, therefore the trees are being exposed to it every day.