I have made the No.3, 4, and 5 Shaker boxes from the Willows in Talleyrand Park. The history of these trees date back to the earliest settlers of Bellefonte.

Reference: Williams – McKeehan   Genealogy 1928

Not long after Bellefonte was laid out in 1795, James and Priscilla Williams became some of the towns earlist settlers.  Originally from Dillsburg, York County, James Williams and his bride rode to their new home in Bellefonte on horseback.  Mrs. Williams carried for a riding-whip, a switch from a willow tree, that shaded her former home.  It was planted on her arrival at Bellefonte, and the great willows that still stand along the race and near the Bush House, are said to be progeny of that riding-whip.  The Bush House, which burned in 2006, stood on the site of the large plaster house which was the Williams’ residence.

Below Erica (15) and Takara (3) are seen setting at the base of the Willow that we were able to salvage pieces from.