Update January 2024: The utensils have been a hit and I’ve been excited to take requests on designs over the last couple years. I’ve narrowed down my favorites and these can be found at the Penns Creek Pottery and The Gallery Shop, year round. 

I’ve had multiple requests for wooden utensils over the years and have just recently taken on this project. I was approached by JA The librarian at the Centre County Grange Fair about making spurtles. She seemed so excited about these “spurtles” that I decided to look into it. This has since turned into another interesting project for me. I’ve created multiple versions of the spurtle, stirring paddles, spatulas, folding tongs and bottle openers.


New in 2018, were a variety of spurtles. I’ve really enjoyed introducing customers to these designs and have recently created a left hand spurtle. A lot of my utensils are made from a Sugar Maple along Hoffer Ave. This tree was cut down due to disease.
The Spurtles, bottle openers and flat spatulas were made from the Sugar Maple, while other utensils were made out of the Silver Maple that stood in front of Helen’s Perogie Stand along the Midway.


This year I will be focusing on the Spurtles. These will be available at the Fair this August.
There are some other styles still available from 2018, such as bottle openers and the flat spatula. These are available at The Gallery Shop and will also have any remaining items available this year as well.

Gallery Shop
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The Gallery Shop