Grange Fair Christmas Ornaments

In 2017, I began making Christmas Ornaments using wood from the Fairgrounds. I will now design a new ornament each year. I welcome your ideas as to what design I should attempt for future years.


This years ornament design is in the making. 


I’v been asked to make an angel ornament for a couple years now. I decided that this was the year to make it happen. It was made using a Silver Maple Tree that was over 100 years old the grew on Garbrick Avenue and shaded Millers Hoagie stand for many years. 


This years ornaments were made utilizing one of the first trees that I salvaged from the fairgrounds back in 2014. This large white ash tree was removed from the South 1 tent row, near the Recreation Building, due to damage by the emerald ash borer.


This years ornament took the shape of a stocking. It was made utilizing a massive silver maple tree that stood on Hartle Street, near the goat barns. Some of the large branches took on an interesting curly figure on the grain. The tree was taken down in 2018 due to verticillium wilt.


Although the Grange Fair did not occur in 2020, I made a star ornament for this years design. 


The 2019 Christmas Ornament is shown below! There will be a limited number of ornaments available.


The 2018 Christmas Ornament was made using wood from a Norway Maple that provided shade to half of Jubilee Grove. This Norway Maple was struck by lightening and gave the wood a contrasting figure. The dark is a result of the trees damage from the lightening strike.


I will post pictures of the 2017 ornament soon

Each year I make a limited quantity of the ornament. I have a few 2017 and 2018 left. I will have these available at this years Grange Fair. Since I only have a small number remaining, they will not be on display. Please ask for one.