Grange Fair Christmas Ornaments

In 2017, I began making Christmas Ornaments using wood from the Fairgrounds. I will now design a new ornament each year. I welcome your ideas as to what design I should attempt for future years.


The 2019 Christmas Ornament is shown below! There will be a limited number of ornaments available.


The 2018 Christmas Ornament was made using wood from a Norway Maple that provided shade to half of Jubilee Grove. This Norway Maple was struck by lightening and gave the wood a contrasting figure. The dark is a result of the trees damage from the lightening strike.


I will post pictures of the 2017 ornament soon

Each year I make a limited quantity of the ornament. I have a few 2017 and 2018 left. I will have these available at this years Grange Fair. Since I only have a small number remaining, they will not be on display. Please ask for one.