THE ELMS – University Park, PA

The Elms

The American Elm products are made from logs that were salvaged from the Penn State University Campus during the ’95 and ’96 winter storms. Many trees were removed after being severely damaged by the heavy snow.

Elm is one of the rare woods in which the pores are arranged in wavy bands and often give the grain a feather-like appearance.

As you may notice, I only make smaller pieces using the Elm wood. This has allowed me to be able to make pieces for the last 23 years. I’m hoping to have enough lumber left to create pieces for the next couple of years. The majority of the items that I display at the Arts Festival in State College are the Elm pieces. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to hear stories from people who worked at or attended Penn State prior to ’95 and remember the Elms shadowing much of campus. Each year, my booth is located next to the Old Main lawn, where today the hot July sun beams down) during the four day festival. People have mentioned that this exact area used to be shaded by a covering of Elm trees just 25 years ago. Having these conversations is my favorite part of using salvaged trees from significant areas.

You can find Elm pieces at the following galleries and shows:

Gallery Shop
824 Pike St.
Lemont, PA 16851

Penns Creek Pottery
30 Pottery Lane
Mifflinburg, PA 17844
Just South of Mifflinburg on Route 104

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
University Park, PA
July 10-14, 2019